Regency Dining Set Table & Swag Chairs Suite


Regency Dining Set Table & Swag Chairs Suite

Regency Dining Set Table & Swag Chairs Suite

You are viewing a truly regal dining set consisting of a 13 foot Regency style pedestal desk in flame mahogany and a matching set of 8 Regency swag dining chairs. I hope the photos do this set some justice, it’s certainly better in the flesh. This is the classic Regency look.

The table sits firmly on the three pedestal bases which are on castors so you can move this around easily. When fully extended it is 13 foot long – and more than comfortably accomodates ten people – you can fit more if you wanted. This makes it great for hosting large scale dinner parties. The great thing is with these tables there flexibility. When you don’t need it so large you can unextend it by taking out the two extra leaves – you can even use it with just two pedestals, there is a variety of different size combinations.

The finish to the flame mahogany is amazing and the table is offered in very good condition with no scratches, solid and stable, ready for home use right away. Along with the table you are viewing a wonderful set of matching 10 Hepplewhite style dining chairs consisting of 2 arm chairs and 8 carvers. The chairs are handcrafted from the finest mahogany and have a lovely veneer to the wood. This particular set have just come back from the restorers where they had a repolish so they are ready for home use immediately.

They are very solid and comfortable and have white patterned fabric seat covers with flower motifs on them. The level of craftmanship on these is superb as is hopefully illustrated by the photographs. The legs are fluted to the front and of course the centre piece to the chairs and from where the name originates is the back rest which has the hand carved Prince of Wales motif to them.

They are a gorgeous, quality set of dining chairs and along with the table make such a handsome set, fit for any King, Prince or Princess! We appreciate it is quite an initial financial outlay for this set but it will last you for many generations to come hence making it a great investment and it will serve you for life. It was hand crafted here in England to the highest standards and you won’t find a better dining set anywhere. WE will ship to anywhere in the world.

The Regency style chairs are solid and wobble free, ready for home use right away. The back splats have that classic Regency swag hand carved.

The seats are cushioned and have just been reupholstered with a flower print cream fabric. As this is new it comes free from any previous owners smells such as pets and smoke, always a bonus.

We bought this set from a dealer in Sheringham, Norfolk and they are offered in great condition ready for home use right away. If you wanted to purchase a smaller set we could arrange this. We also have various tables to match this set of chairs so if you are looking for a superb dining set then please get in touch.

You are viewing a set of eight hand crafted English mahogany chairs consisting of 6 side chairs and 2 carvers or arms in the Regency style with a wonderful swag back – the classic Regency look. This set really are an elegant piece and the levels of workmanship and craftmanship really are high and amazing.

They are a solid and sturdy chair, perfect for long dinner parties. we have a suitable table to match these chairs for sale right now on Ebay so check our shop page or email for more info. Each chair comes with a white patterned fabric cushion which is comfortable. This set has just come back from the restorers where they were polished and had new upholstery so they are ready for home use straight away and will last you for generations to come.


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